Randy Mamola, the original ‘great entertainer’ of motorcycle Grand Prix racing will headline the Mike Pero MotoFest spectacular at Hampton Downs from March 3-4. The American made his début in international motorcycle racing in New Zealand in the early 1970s and went on to world championship Grand Prix racing success. Along the way he gained a legion of fans, drawn to his post-race antics that included wheelies, stoppies and throwing his gloves into the grandstands. The fans loved him for it and several riders, not least the great Valentino Rossi, have used the ‘Mamola template’ in subsequent years.

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Motul Stadium Trials Challenge

Moto Trials is a unique motor sport in that speed is not the critical element. Throttle, clutch, brakes and balance are the essential ingredients. With these skills the top riders are able to jump up over obstacles and balance on the back or front wheel while stationary, to align themselves for the next obstacle. The rules are quite simple in terms of scoring. Each section is set out with markers, red on the right and white on the left. Red and white tape are also used. To achieve a “clean” or zero score, you must ride from the start to the finish of a section without supporting the bike with anything other than the tyres or engine bash plate. 1 foot down 1 point, twice 2 points to a maximum of three. After that 5 points is lost if you fail to complete the course. If you fall off, 5 points. The winner has the lowest points over the day. The series of obstacles will be ridden by each rider four times each day. To ensure the spectators will not miss any action (Thrills and spills) only one section will be ridden at a time. The sections will comprise of anything that is considered almost impossible to ride a motorcycle over. Van bodies, concrete blocks, tyres, wooden poles (along them, not across) containers etc.

A field of 8 of New Zealand’s best riders will contest the inaugural Motul Trials Challenge.